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Fisherman's Foul Weather Gear - Mustang Survival

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Inflatable PFDs
No matter what type of boater you are, you'll love our Deluxe Inflatable PFDs. Designed with comfort and mobility in mind, they feature a comfortable neoprene collar for extended wear. And most importantly, each Deluxe Inflatable PFD delivers an uncompromising 35 lb buoyancy even though the average person only needs 7 lb buoyancy to float.

1 - Neoprene Comfort Collar
2 - Durable 420-Denier nylon
3 - Durable 420-Denier polyurethane coated nylon
4 - Integrated sailing harness (models: MD3052, MD3054)
5 - Safety inspection window: green indicates inflator is ready for use
6 - Halkey-Roberts 3F manual or 1F auto inflator
7 - HIT (Hydrostatic Inflator Technology) MA1 1F auto hydrostatic inflator
8 - Strobe light holder (Visit our website for strobe light options)
9 - 35 lb buoyancy when inflated can self-right a person in seconds
10 - SOLAS reflective tape for visibility
11 - Safety whistle to alert rescuers
12 - Backup oral inflation tube

Mustang 3051 Photo

Item Number: MD 3051
Item Number: MD 3052 (with Harness)
Manual Activation Inflatable PFD
If you're comfortable in water and you like the idea of controlling when to inflate your PFD, the manually activated Deluxe Inflatable PFD is your solution - inflates by pulling an activation cord.

- 3F manual inflator
- Lightweight, comfortable and compact
- Easy to re-arm and repack
- D-ring
Available Colors: NAVY/CARBON or RED/CARBON

For an image of the vest inflated CLICK HERE.

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Mustang 3054 Photo

Item Number: MD 3053
Item Number: MD 3054 (with Harness)
Auto-Bobbin Activated Inflatable PFD
For users wanting the security of automatic inflation, this PFD is an excellent choice. The auto-bobbin activated PFD uses inflator technology that incorporates a small bobbin containing a compressed cellulose powder. When the inflator is immersed in water, the powder dissolves releasing a firing mechanism that automatically inflates the PFD.

- 1F auto inflator with manual backup
- Lightweight, comfortable and compact
- Easy to re-arm and repack
- D-ring

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Children’s Vests

Designed and built to survive nature's challenges, and the challenges of active families. With hard-wearing construction, superior flotation performance, exceptional mobility, and great styling, it's no wonder children love to wear them.

Mustang 1340 Photo

Item Number: MV 1340 (Infant 20-30lbs)
Item Number: MV 1345 (Child 30-60 lbs)
Item Number: MV 1350 (Youth 60-90 lbs)
Deluxe Children's Vest
- Neoprene ComfortCollar™
- Airsoft Foam for a comfortable fit
- Durable mesh back allows air circulation
- Front mesh pocket
- Easy-close design with zipper pull
- Infant version (MV1340) and Child version (MV1345) come with adjustable crotch strap

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Mustang 1205 Photo

Item Number: MV 1203 (Infant 20-30lbs)
Item Number: MV 1205 (Child 30-60 lbs)
Item Number: MV 1207 (Youth 60-90 lbs)
Classic Children's Vest
- 3-piece collar with grab strap
- Adjustable crotch strap for security
- Adjustable waist belt

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Mustang 3175 Photo

Item Number: MV 3175Youth Vest
- AirSoft foam for enhanced fit and comfort
- Mesh side panels to keep the wearer cool
- Side adjustments allow for a customized fit
- 400 denier side panels provide added durability

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Our top-of-the-line Integrity flotation gear is designed to keep you warm in coolerweather marine activities and is ergonomically designed for an incredibly comfortable and flexible fit. Appearance is important so we gave the line modern styling. And most importantly, to make the line super durable we select and use only top materials specified and tested to the highest water, abrasion and UV resistance standards.

Extreme Weather Protection
Our new HX designed products are fully seam-taped and use only fabrics that are hydrostatically tested to surpass water pressures caused by storms. With HX designs, you can stay warm, comfortable and dry in even the worst and coldest marine weather.

Mustang MS195HX Photo

Item Number: MS 195 HXIntegrity Suit
Seam-sealed, and highly durable, the Integrity HX Suit is warm and comfortable. Designed to protect you from the most inclement weather, it is easily the best choice for ice fishing and late season, cold-weather boating.

- Adjustable hood with one-hand tighteners
- Water-resistant Comfort Cuff can be tightened to prevent water from entering sleeve
- Ripstop nylon knee and seat reinforcements
- Abrasion-resistant hem reinforcement
- Two cargo pockets and hand-warmer pockets
- Tug-tite at ankles and thighs to minimize water flushing

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Mustang MP4224HX

Item Number: MP 4224 HXIntegrity Waist Pant
The new waist-length Integrity HX pant provides agile and unrestricted movement, making them ideal for activities like sailing or fishing.

- Ripstop nylon knee and seat reinforcements
- Abrasion-resistant hem reinforcement
- Waist cinches for a custom fit
- Articulated knees
- Zippered hand-warmer pockets
- Higher rise at back to keep out drafts

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Mustang 4225HX Photo

Item Number: MP 4225 HXIntegrity Bib Pant
The Integrity HX bib pant is ideal for those seeking more warmth and weather protection. A great pant to have when the weather turns for the worse.

- Ripstop nylon knee and seat reinforcements
- Abrasion-resistant hem reinforcement
- Two hand-warmer pockets and zippered stash pocket
- Adjustable suspenders for custom fit

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40 years ago, the Mustang Floater Coat made quite a name for itself - and earned many loyal Mustang wearers. The quality of construction, hypothermia protection, and timeless, functional design add up to an unbeatable value no matter where you boat. Standard features for all Classic products include Mustang's High Performance Nylon and AirSoft flotation foam.

Mustang 1505 Photo

Item Number: MC 1505Classic Coat
- Full-length storm flap
- Enhanced mobility and comfort with relaxed fit
- Zippered closures on front pockets
- Attachable hood can be purchased separately

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Mustang 4225HX Photo

Item Number: MS 185Classic Suit
- Designed for use in a range of industrial work environments
- Tug-Tite at thighs for improved fit
- Velcro closures at wrists and ankles
- SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility
- Insulated hood

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Mustang MP4212 Photo

Item Number: MP 4212Classic Bib Pant
- Adjustible Elasticized suspenders
- Leg zippers for easy entry
- Sizes: S – XXL
- Colors : Orange, Navy, Black (New for 2009)

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Professional Products
You can't afford to leave safety to chance. Coming home safely means planning ahead, sticking to protocol, and double checking instruments. No shortcuts. No exceptions. That's the same attitude we take to designing, fabricating, and testing our professional safety gear. Standard features for these Professional Products include Mustang's High Performance Nylon and AirSoft flotation foam.

Mustang MC1535 Photo

Item Number: MC 1535ThermoSystem Plus Coat
- Neoprene beavertail provides hypothermia protection
- Relaxed fit enhances mobility and comfort
- Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
- Insulated hood folds easily into collar
- Slash hand-warmer pockets and extra large pockets at hips
- Underarm ventilation
- SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility
- Interior radio pocket

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Mustang MS2195 Photo

Item Number: MS 2195Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall and Worksuit
- Inflatable head support pillow for additional buoyancy
- Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
- Tug-Tite at thighs and ankles for improved fit
- Ergonomic insulated hood folds into collar
- 2 chest pockets and extra large hip pockets
- SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility

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Mustang MS195 Photo

Item Number: MS 195Atlantic Class Suit
- Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
- Tug-Tite at thighs and ankles cinch easily
- Ergonomic insulated hood folds easily into collar
- SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility

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Mustang MS185 Photo

Item Number: MS 195 CMDeluxe Sportsman Suit
Designed for constant wear on colder weather hunting and fishing trips, the Deluxe Sportsman Suit delivers superior hypothermia and flotation protection and will keep you warm even in the event of accidental water immersion.

- Realtree Hardwoods HD print for superior camouflage
- Soft neoprene wrist closures prevent water leakage in a smooth comfortable fit
- Tug-Tite at thighs and ankles cinch easily around boots for improved fit
- Large front cargo pockets provide extra storage
- Ergonomic insulated hood folds into collar providing warmth and flexibility

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Mustang MV3107RP Photo

Item Number: MV 3107 RPClassic Industrial Flotation Vest
- Reflective tape on the shoulders
- Adjustable radio pocket allows the user to use radio without removing it from the pocket
- Also available without Radio holder (MV3107)
- Interior radio pocket

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Mustang MVC10 Photo

Item Number: MVC 10Crew Vest
- Vest is reversible
- Adjustable belt and drawcord
- Large collar with reflective tape
- Approved to the small vessel regulation

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Mustang MD8010 Photo

Item Number: MD 8010 (Adult)
Item Number: MD 8015 (Child)
Canadian Standard Lifejacket
- Block foam for easy storage
- Reflective tape
- Nylon foam construction
- Lightweight and durable

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Mustang MD8000 Photo

Item Number: MD 8000 (Adult)
Item Number: MD 8005 (Child)
SOLAS Lifejacket
- Exceeds international SOLAS standards
- Self-righting capability
- Buoyancy 40 lb adult (20 lb child)
- Reflective tape

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Mustang MSD575 Photo

Item Number: MSD 575Swift Water Rescue Suit
Designed with rescue community input, the MSD577 SR features an all-new innovative design that addresses key needs in swift water rescue. Its fitted design minimizes drag and fatigue, improving rescuer safety and effectiveness, while optimizing agility and confidence. Articulated padding and abrasionresistant materials increase protection from debris, improve rescuer safety and add durability.

- Made of high performance GORE-TEX waterproof breathable fabric
- Telescoping top eases donning with close fit
- Closed Comfort System Adjustable Neck Seal
- Abrasion and pick resistant protective layer over lower suit
- Stretch panels on shoulders for better mobility and ease of swimming
- Stretch panel on waist for optimum mobility without excess fabric
- Strategically placed Kevlar patches on waist, knees, arms, and cuffs to provide high abrasion resistance
- Internal 3-point adjustment system, integrated thigh straps and waist belt ensures proper fit through each size range.

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Mustang MSD585 Photo

Item Number: MSD 585 AS (Adjustible Neck Seal)
Item Number: MSD 585 LS (Latex Trim-to-fit Neck Seal)
Boat Crew Dry Suit
The MSD585 provides the ultimate protection for open boat operations in all conditions. This lightweight dry suit is constructed with GORETEX waterproof breathable fabric. 500-Denier Cordura and heavy laminate patches provide extra durability to the knees, buttocks and lower leg. The integrated GORE-TEX socks keep feet dry and accommodate both industrial and dive footwear.

The fleece-lined storm collar protects the operator from cold wind-driven sea spray. Optimal fit is provided by an adjustable heavyduty elastic waist band and the optional Internal Removable Suspender System (MA7650). To handle equipment, the suit incorporates five law enforcement belt keepers, large cargo pockets with fleece hand warmers and sleeve and calf pockets.

- Lined, trim-to-fit stretch neoprene wrist seals
- Quick donning and doffing with diagonal crosschest waterproof entry zipper
- Attached socks integrate with footwear or swim fins

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Immersion Suits
A breakthrough in advanced hypothermia protection, featuring Mustang Survival's BBT Breathable Barrier Technology that provides moisture management and heat regulation in a waterproof modular system of replaceable components which extends the life of the suit. The durable design and antiexposure protection also make this worksuit ideal for ice rescue operations.

Mustang MSD900 Photo

Item Number: MSD 900Breathable Immersion Worksuit
Your suit of armor for battles with Mother Nature. The MSD900 doesn't just symbolize an evolution in the cold-climate anti-exposure worksuit - it redefines it.

Performance x 3
3 modular layers integrate their individual properties into one unit, and yet can be repaired or replaced individually.

Hypothermia Protection
Evaluated for hypothermia protection, MSD900 provides an estimated 6 hours of survival time in 0 degree C (32 degree F) water. Rating (based on thermally insulated manikin) an Immersed Clo of 0.740.

Superior protection, enhanced comfort and durability, built to endure extreme cold-weather operating environments.

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Mustang IC9001 Photo

Item Number: IC 9001Ice Commander Rescue Suit
When it's your job to save lives, live up to the challenge | Ice Commander is the suit of choice for Coast Guards, Search and Rescue teams, Fire Departments and all Ice Rescue professionals. Its integral chest harness, ice awl pockets, gloves,reinforcements and non-slip soles keep you prepared for any emergency. 45% lighter than conventional neoprene suits for maximum flexibility and performance.


1 - Water-tight Hood & Face Seal
Features SOLAS reflective tape and Velcro patch for light attachment.

2 - NEW Heavy Duty Zipper
Flexible full-length zipper provides a water-tight seal.

3 - Welded Nylon Outer Shell
Provides waterproofness and durability. Highperformance urethane-coated nylon exterior makes cleaning and repairs easier.

4 - Safety Harness
Integral self-adjusting safety harness.

5 - NEW Ergonomic Ice Awl Pockets
Sleeve pockets customized to attach and stow ice awls. Pockets easily secured with Velcro (Ice awls not included).

6 - NEW Optional Over-Gloves
Gloves cinch at wrist for dexterity. Textured palms provide abrasion resistance and better grip. Optional overgloves improve wear during rope handling.

7 - Detachable Inner Buoyancy Liner
Constructed of closed-cell AirSoft foam for maximum flotation and thermal insulation. Liner can be unsnapped and removed for cleaning and in-the-field repairs.

8 - Reinforcements
Knees are reinforced and padded with 2.5 mm neoprene. Seat and elbows are reinforced with shell fabric.

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